Frequently Asked Questions

Lawn Care Questions +
Lawn Maintenance Questions
  • Do you offer mowing every other week?

    Yes, we understand that some yards, by nature, grow more slowly than others and may not necessarily need to be mowed each week.

  • Is string trimming included in the weekly service charge?

    Yes, string trimming and blowing any clippings off of sidewalks and driveways is included in the weekly mowing charge.

  • Do I have to provide payment each week you mow?

    No, although each customer is welcome to pay per week, we generally invoice via mail or email and ask that each customer provide payment upon receiving our invoice.

  • Can I pay cash for services?

    Yes, you are welcome to pay cash for services, although the preferred method by our customers is check.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    No, we prefer cash or check. Should a customer have no other means of payment, we can accept credit card payment with the understanding that processing fees will be added to total invoiced amount.

  • Do I have to be a mowing customer in order to receive other services such as shrub trimming, aerating or winterizations?

    No, contact us for any service(s) you would like, you do not have to be an existing customer.

  • Why should my yard be professionally mowed, weekly?

    Lawns that are not mowed regularly, at the proper height with well sharp blades and maintenance equipment are more prone to ‘hot spots’, disease and damage to the roots and grass blades.

  • Do you mulch when you mow?

    Yes, we promote and recommend customers allow us to mulch when mowing . Studies conducted by universities show that bagging the grass can remove essential natural and applied nutrients. By recycling these clippings, we can essentially ‘re-fertilize’ your grass each week.

  • Can you haul away grass clippings?

    Yes, although we strongly recommend mulching your clippings, we do have the equipment capabilities to bag and remove clippings upon request.

  • Why should I fertilize regularly?

    Regular fertilization promotes deep root growth, reduces the chance of heat spots, fungal disease and nutrient deprivation, improving the thickness and health of the turf from the roots up. Regular fertilization combined with regular lawn mowing can help ensure a vibrant, thick turf for years to come

  • Why should I aerate my lawn?

    By mechanically aerating your lawn, you are allowing oxygen, nutrients and water to more easily reach the root zone of your turf. In doing so, this allows the root system to penetrate deeper into the ground. Deep roots improve overall turf health and are less affected by the constant turf exposure from the summer heat.

Irrigation Questions +
Landscaping Questions
  • Do you fix broken sprinkler pipes?

    Yes, we have extensive experience in repairing underground pipes, fittings and sprinkler heads.

  • Do you repair/replace irrigation pumps?

    Yes, are able to perform general maintenance on irrigation pumps and are capable in replacing or installing new pumps and electrically wiring pumps, time clocks and smart boxes.

  • Do you offer spring irrigation start up services?

    Yes, we can start up any system as well as offer trouble shooting recommendations to optimize water usage and sprinkler coverage.

  • Do you install new sprinkler systems?

    Yes, we specialize in the installation of new irrigation systems, using the most efficient water conserving techniques.

  • Do you charge for providing landscaping quotes?

    No, we will happily meet with you and discuss your needs and provide you a detailed estimate for your new yard.

  • Do you landscape new constructions?

    Yes, we originally started as a installation company catering to new builds and have since branched out into all forms of landscape and maintenance services.

  • Do you offer warranties on your landscaping work?

    Yes, we offer a one (1) year warranty on our irrigation installation, plant and tree installation (provided trees and plants are being properly watered and maintained by the home owner).